Fully Restored Delaney Williams


Hello!! So I am Delaney Williams and I write contemporary Romance. My first book is called “One More Breath” and deals with a love affair during a cancer crisis. My sophomore and upcoming book is called ” Fully Restored” and deals with pinups, hot rods, hot men and hot cars! I am attending The Book Splash cruise to sign in early February (6-11). Because of this I have opened a pre-order form. Now, you are probably wondering why I would be sharing a cruise pre-order here. Well here it is!! All copies of “Fully Restored” purchased either before or during the cruise, will be shipped signed by both Robert Simmons, cover model, and myself. Even though you will not be ON the cruise, you will get them signed and personalized as if you had! I will provide a form for all personalizations for pre-orders! Here is the link:


Hurry because ordering closes on the 12th!!!

This is the only way to get this book signed by BOTH me and the amazingly sexy cover model!!!! Don’t miss out!!! If you are not going on the cruise and would like to purchase a pre-order to be signed by both of us, this is the time!! Thank you for listening! Here is a quick teaser form Fully Restored Enjoy!


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