Gus by Kim Holden


Gus by Kim Holden is the highly anticipated follow-up book to Bright Side. We join Gus on a journey of self-discovery after unimaginable loss. Kim gives us front-row access to his appalling and destructive behavior. His loss of identity is painful and heartbreaking. We are taken on a world tour with his rock band, Rook. With each show Gus falls deeper into despair and becomes lost. He finds comfort in the bottom of a bottle and in-between the legs of numerous women. Just when you think he’s gone too far, he finds hope in the most unlikely of places. Will Gus live happily ever after or will his demons drag him back down? To find out you will need to grab this unforgettable book. Although it is a sequel it can be read as a stand-alone, however I highly recommend reading Bright Side first.

The magic of Kim Holden is her ability to transport you into her books. You feel the breeze as you sit next to Gus watching the yellow-orange sun dip below the Pacific Ocean. The characters become your best friends and you deeply empathize with every woe and celebrate every triumph. They are all flawed and honest. Their struggles are far too real and force us to reconcile our own fears and insecurities. From the first page you are immersed in the emotion of the story. While reading I caught myself laughing with the band, craving veggie tacos and crying for those lost. Prepare yourself for all the feels, because Gus delivers in abundance.

For me the heart of the story is an epic romance. A timeless tale of learning to love oneself and thiscrazy ride called life. Each day is a chance to recognize beauty and to be happy. Even when bad thing happen to really amazing people, you can find hope and light. My heart was brimming with love by the end of the book. It reminds me to let go of things I cannot change and to do epic every single day. I honestly love everything about this book and cannot wait to see where Kim takes us next.





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