Hustler from Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince


Hustler from Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince.

This book is just another reason for me to love Meghan Quinn and an exciting discovery of Jessica Prince!

Meghan Quinn has always been my go-to author when I want romantic comedies with some embarrass yourself in public laughter. Jessica Prince is a new for me, so I was really curious to see how their co-written book worked out. I can say I love Meghan even more and will need to check out more from Jessica!

He’s a genius poker player, she’s a waitress wanting to be a gymnast. He’s a player, she’s not. From the start their relationship was combative and thrilling. Falling in love for this pair was not easy nor was trusting one another which made it far more entertaining to read.

I knew going into this book that Gavin was a hustler. I mean the name of the book is Hustler. What I didn’t know was how cocky and arrogant he was going to be. I love how sarcastic Nell is and I love how she didn’t give into Gavin like he wanted. She was a challenge for him and one he didn’t win easily. Nell is such a relateable character. She’s funny, smart, works her ass off just to make ends meet and would go to bat for everyone she loves and cares about.

Gavin and Nell together were not perfect but hell what relationship is perfect? They were good for each other and they fit. Nell didn’t put up with his BS. Gavin didn’t know what hit him until it was too late. But in the end, I loved it! It really is a funny, smoking hot book and if you love alpha males who are rich, arrogant at times, but know when to give in then you have to read Hustler!



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