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*Spoilers Ahead*

Beautiful sacrifice is the latest adventure of the Maddox boys. I love this series and Jamie. Hard not to fall for the rowdy bunch of men and the crazy woman that can rein them in. In this humorous, infuriating, emotional and I can’t but this book down installment we fall follow Taylor Maddox (one of the tattooed twins). What is not to love about Taylor? He’s a Maddox, so of course he’s hot, he’s tattooed, feisty and a firemen. A Hotshot crew member from Estes Park Colorado. But don’t tell dad, Jim, he thinks his twins sell insurance here in Colorado. Taylor, like all the brothers are drawn to “crazy” women. Enter Falyn Fairchild. Daughter to renowned Cardio Surgeons and political hopefuls in Colorado. Ever expected to keep up appearances. Falyn bucked it all and is a strong willed, albeit often annoying woman with a painful past she is determined to face and never relive. To say Falyn keeps everyone other then her bosses at a local hot spot cafe and place of residence at arms length is an understatement. If you know the Maddox men they find this challenging, emotional and driven type of a woman beyond attractive. Besides she tells Taylor No! He is ever persistent in friending Falyn and even he himself is not sure why.

Falyn and Taylor fall for each other and piss each other off immediately. What could go wrong!? I admit there were times were the commutation and trust issues were so high even I thought ok guys…. move on. Boy do Taylor and Falyn face many trials. But they face them together. In “beautiful” Jamie style we get a look back to the other books and brothers in the series and get a few small glimpses of what is still to come. We get to check in with all the boys and their crazy woman. Not to forget looking into the secrets that constantly haunt the family.

In typical Jamie fashion she will make you giggle, want to slap a character or two, cry, cheer and flat out at times say Wtf (excuse me but you do). This is the first book in this series since Travis that I read in one sitting and couldn’t but down. I HAD to follow their story. I do feel there are some situations and people that were important to our understanding of Falyn that needed more time dedicated to them. However, Jamie does usually answer those lingering questions eventually. I absolutely love hot shot Taylor. He may be surpassing Travis for me, but still have that soft spot for Travis and all the boys. If you follow this series you will not be disappointed.



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