Beautiful Decadent

Book Info:
Beautifully Decadent by L.A. Fiore
Series: Beautifully Damaged #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Artist: Indie Solutions by Murphy Rae
Release: June 28, 2016
BeautifullyDecadent_Amazon_iBooks.jpgAvery Collins has just landed her dream job, pastry chef for the posh-Manhattan restaurant, Clover. Her new boss, Trace Montgomery, even helped with securing her an affordable place to live: a beautifully restored carriage house owned by his friend, Rafe McKenzie—a man that makes her catch her breath and stirs her imagination. Trouble is, he’s involved with someone, his father is being released after 25 years in prison and Avery is just his tenant. Exploring the attraction that sizzles whenever they’re together would be the icing on the cake, but Avery knows all too well that you can’t have everything. Of course, what’s cake without icing?
Rafe McKenzie’s world shattered at nine when his father Liam—the only parent he knew—was arrested and convicted for armed robbery. Growing up in the system, Rafe managed to survive his childhood and now has a job he enjoys, a house he’s restoring and a tight circle of friends. He’s even working on reconciling with his dad, both eager to put the past in the past.
Happy for the income a tenant would bring, Rafe agrees to rent his carriage house to Clover’s new pastry chef. When Avery Collins pulls up his drive, she’s not at all what he’s expecting. Funny, sexy and as sweet as her desserts, it doesn’t take long for things between them to heat up. Just when it seems as if they’ll have their cake and eat it too, the past comes back with deadly intent leaving Rafe to figure out who’s pulling the strings before his world shatters again.



L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including: Beautifully Damaged, Waiting for the One and A Glimpse of the Dream. She’s also the social secretary for her two children, a tamer of ill-mannered cats, the companion to one awesome dog and married to her best friend. She likes her wine red, her shrimp chilled and her social gatherings small and intimate.

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* A review copy was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review *

BEAUTIFULLY Decadent by L.A. Fiore

“I had the social skills of a goat”

Team Avery the goof.

Beautifully Decadent is the third book in the Beautifully Damaged series, but it can be read as a standalone. I was nervous going in as this is my first read of the series. Now I will be reading one and two! You can’t help but enjoy the whole crew.

in this third installment we get to know Rafe’s story. I understand everyone was lusting after Rafe’s alpha male story. I do have to say it was Avery, who sucked me into the book and had me reading with one eye open in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping (even with an annoyed toddler trying to sleep with momma’s kindle light on.)

Avery is and always has been a baker. Fresh out of culinary school, she lands her dream job as a pastry chef spot at a NY hot spot! Her luck doesn’t end there when she lands a carriage house rental in the Bronx? Yes, the Bronx. When out steps her landlord who is heavily blessed by the fairy godmother beautiful wand. Avery had me laughing out loud and cheering for her throughout the story. She is adorable, kind, funny and sassy…. A goof to round it out.

Rafe likes his privacy. Growing up in orphanages from the age of 9 when his father was sent to prison. His family has become his brothers from the youth homes and orphanages. He is a wood smith building amazing furniture while breathing life back into his down on its luck home and carriage house in the Bronx. He is content to cruise through life keeping most at arm’s length, except his dog Loki. When he agrees to help his friend Trace but renting out his carriage house to his new pastry chef he is expecting a plump grandma type. Not at all prepared for what he sees when he walks out to see sexy unassuming Avery hugging his dog…. Let the sparks fly.

You root for Avery and Rafe as you enjoy the supporting cast and even a bit of mystery and thrills along the way. Some characters will make you want to poke their eyes out, but will make you feel for Avery and Rafe all the more. do not start this book if you plan on getting anything else done that day. I will now definitely be adding more Miss Fiore to my TBR.

5 stars

Bonus: Recipes to die for….



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